Achievements and Awards

Establishment of the following is our achievements:
  • Regional Blood Center at Multan
  • Regional Blood Center at Bahawalpur
  • Service Hospital Gynae Blood Bank
  • Blood Bank at Shahbaz Sharif Hospital Multan

Guidelines for Donors

To ensure the safety of blood donation for both donors and recipients, all volunteer blood donors must be evaluated to determine their eligibility to donate blood. The final determination will be made on the day of the donation at the blood drive or blood donation center. If you were deferred from donating in the past, you may be able to donate again.

Donation Type

  • Blood (Whole Blood)
  • Platelets
  • Plasma
  • Double Red Cells

Donation Frequency

  • Every 3 Months
  • Every 14 Days
  • Every 4 Weeks
  • Every 90 - 120 Days